Lara is an award-winning actress whose credits include Off-Piste (SIFF Best Actress in a Feature & Chelsea Film Festival Best Supporting Actress - Jack in the Box Films), Blackbird (with Michael Flatley and Eric Roberts, West One Entertainment), The Pugilist (Jack in the Box Films), Harriet's War/Battlefield Death Tales (Safecracker Pictures), Lewis (ITV), Deadly Intent (Seahorse Films), Chinese Burns (Best Actress in a Feature nomination - Hills Roberts), Millbrook (Big View Media) and the multi-award-winning short film, Surgery (The Clemens Bros).


Grandpa Jack

Philip is making a name for himself in the Indie film circuit with leading roles in four feature films in the last year including the multi-award winning "Dogged" - for which he received a Best Actor nomination - and most recently "The 12" which has just won Best Feature at its first film festival outing. He recently made his London fringe theatre debut as Alphonse Frankenstein and William Godwin in the Offie nominated production of Frankenstein with the Arrows and Traps theatre company.


Cecil The Cat/Megan-In-Cat 

Ahh meow, allow me, my human subjects, to introduce myself. I am Dimitri, yes, the Dimitri. I am at the dignified yet whimsical age of 5.

I am a very gentle cat that loves people just don't bother me and never touch my coat without my express permission.  

I've been very busy on numerous films and have most recently been working on a Virgin Media advertisement. 
Oh yes, and I absolutely adore prawns. So succulent, so


Cecil The Cat (Voiceover Artist)

Best known for the You Tube hit comedy series 'Comment Reconstructions',

Grahame has also appeared in ‘Batman the Dark Knight’ for Warner Bros, as Ricky in 'The Con game' (Lumino Films) and Father in ‘I, a Slave’ (Future Focus Films) He also played Lenny in the BBC series 'Doctors'.


Grahame’s voice has narrated the historical novel 'Lords of the Horizons' for Pinewood Studios and Audible. He has also voiced characters of animated historical stories for Clapham South Productions; and narrated an animated eBook of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, for Blue Ocean Studios in the US, available on iTunes.


Celia The Cat (Voiceover Artist)

Anne-Sophie is a Paris-born bilingual actress and voiceover artist, currently London-based after training in New York City (teachers included Lynne Lipton, aka Cheetara, Luna, Willa and Nayda of the Thunder Cats). Film/TV credits include numerous short films and the feature film “The Fitzroy”


As a voiceover artist, she has worked on animation, narration, poetry, corporate and commercial projects. She can also be heard in the award-winning art film Sketches from the Underground. When she is not acting, Anne-Sophie is a writer and translator. 


Celia The Cat

Oh, bonjour humans. I am Farley, I am 6 years old. But of course, it is hard to tell. My favourite food is dreamers and chicken. I recently was in a film where they had the most marvellous box called a camera.  I loved it. It seems to enhance the human's vision as they were constantly looking at me through it the whole time. One of my secret wishes is to go back to France where my soul was born.  



Growing up surrounded by cats and on TV and Films such as “Dad’s Army”, “Singing In The Rain” and “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”, I developed a deep fondness for comedy.  I started my journey in film working on Music Videos, before doing an intensive BA course in Practical Filmmaking, in London. Whilst on the course, I involved myself heavily in outside productions, including music videos, and short drama and dark comedy films.

After graduating with a specialism in Producing and 1st Assistant Directing, I had the good fortune to work as B camera operator on the award-winning Romantic Comedy Feature Film “The Game Changer”.  

Since then I've never looked back, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.




Editor/Visual Effects

Ever since I was seven years old I wanted to be a filmmaker because good stories are my source of inspiration. To be honest, storytelling wouldn’t be the same for me if it wasn’t visual and visuals wouldn’t work for me without a story. I grew up In Germany and America always being around computers, so digital media was always fascinating to me. 

Unable to settle for one subject, I studied screenwriting, film production and computer science at university. Funnily, no matter which task I was initially assigned in my student productions, I always naturally ended up in the editing room. Eventually, it hit me: Here’s both where all of my interests and skills are applied simultaneously and where I can learn most about visual storytelling. I profoundly studied editing and took up working as a freelance editor.  No matter whether corporate, music video, short or feature film, there is always a story worth telling to me.


Director Of Photography

I started my journey into film and television being a child extra for BBC

Programmes like Hale and Pace and Taggart. In my early 20s I wanted to do what Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen did so I learned stage fighting and stunt work. I had been training n martial arts since childhood so I made good use of what I knew and this lead me to do a couple of TV programmes and music videos as a martial arts choreographer. 

Then one day I did a music video called Low Five in which I and my brother

stared in and I got curious as to how we looked on the other side of the lens. 

Boom, I was hooked and ended up suggesting camera angles to sell the action.


Since that day I have been behind the camera and I have only touched the tip of 

the iceberg. Learning about light and shadow is no easy feat and match that with moving images and people, well, there is nothing like it when you watch the back and you see the fruits of your labour. I couldn’t imagine a better job. footage